What Should You consider before buying a smartphone?

Whether you are willing to buy an advanced device or a game-focused smartphone, it is always better to choose a device based on specifications. Knowing about your need and going through all the essential aspects helps in the decision-making process. Most smartphone brands in India focus on selling their mid-range segment to offer better value. 

A smartphone with key features like a stunning camera, impressive spec sheet, and great battery life might seem a prominent option. But, there are still chances of missing the key aspects. Here is a list of things that every buyer should consider before buying a smartphone to eradicate such problems. 


  1. Know your Need

The eye-catchy specs sheet of a smartphone might make you buy a phone that doesn’t fit your needs. If you are a blogger or fashion blogger, you need a great camera set up to take stunning photos and videos. The latest trend of posting Reels on Instagram is fascinating and helps with gaining exposure to creators.

So, if you are a content creator, buying a smartphone that can help with photos and videos seem like the best option. Going with Apple iPhone 11 or 12 models will be an excellent choice for content creators. Whereas if you love the game then Asus ROG is the right choice. So, it is all about understanding your needs. 


  1. Camera Setup

Even though you want a camera-focused phone, looking for budget options will be the cherry on top. You can check Realme mobile price and find them as inexpensive options. Realme devices are widely popular for their eye-catchy specs sheet and better value for money option. 

If you want a top-tier camera-specific device, then there are some great models from Realme that are available for under 20,000. While choosing a phone, check out the primary camera sensor. Most brands offer a 16MP primary camera, and higher resolution can help during the editing process.


  1. Lookout for Processor

Most Android smartphones are packed with Snapdragon processors. And, there is no doubt about the performance. But, Apple’s A14 Bionic chip is nailing the benchmark test and offering unbeatable performance. So, if you want the best of all kinds, then it would be a great choice to look for the processor.

Snapdragon and MediaTek are two processor brands used by Android manufacturers. If you want performance for an affordable price point, then MediaTek processors are great. But, they have a slight issue of overheating while gaming. So, you should keep such aspects in mind also. 


  1. More RAM is always better

A smartphone with more RAM will always give you flawless usability. If you are gaming, more RAM will help load the game faster, and if you are using heavy apps, then more RAM will be great. Going with higher RAM doesn’t mean the best value because it increases the price.

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You should always consider getting a device that offers at least 6GB RAM. Meanwhile, you can look for storage capacity and its type. UFS 3 storage is known for faster read/write speed, and it helps with performance also. 


  1. A High-Resolution Display 

A smartphone display is a primary factor in enhancing the overall user experience. You should look after – 

  • The higher refresh rate for a better gaming experience. 
  • 1080p or higher resolution for a better media browsing experience. 
  • Screen size to make sure you get a great experience out of your smartphone. 

These are some of the essential aspects that you must be looking after. If you want to get better durability, then going will a Gorilla glass or super AMOLED display will be the best option. 


  1. Additional features to Consider

Apart from the key aspects, some other aspects can help you grab the best smartphone. These aspects are – 

  • Battery capacity and Fast Charging 
  • Dust/Water Proof Rating 
  • Stereo speaker setup
  • Build quality 
  • Face ID
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Screen to body ratio (small bezels)

These are the few things that you must look after in 2021. Most smartphone manufacturers offering budget-friendly smartphone doesn’t offer IP rating or waterproof rating which might sound like a drawback. But you can spend a little more to get such features. 


The Final Verdict

A smartphone that can offer a minimum of 6 hours of screen time is reliable for daily use. Higher battery capacity is not a bad choice but such smartphones deal with heating issues after a while. Going with adequate battery capacity and ideal features will ensure the best buy.

If you are looking for a Realme mobile under 10000, it would be better to look after processor, RAM, Battery, and camera set up to ensure a great buy. We hope you have a great experience while choosing the right smartphone. 

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