persian cat price

Persian Cats are just adorable, aren’t they? Their furry coat, glamorous eyes, and round face add up together and impart them their royal look. They have a melodious voice and they like to dwell indoors where there is silence. They can have their own little fun with their favourite toys and a little pat makes them jovial.

They are one of the most attractive cat breeds, and you can’t keep your gaze away from them. They are great if you are going to buy a pet for the very first time owing to their calm and pious nature. Persian are great around children too and but do not like to get involved with them in their high-spirited games.

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History of Persian Cats

Although nothing significant is known about their past Persian cats’ presence with humans can be traced back to the early 1600s. As the name implies they have their origin from Persia which in the modern world is known as Iran. They became popular as pets when they were brought to Italy in the 17th century by a few European explorers. They are kind of a celebrity having lived in the royal palace of England with Queen Victoria!

Persian Cat Characteristics

You will want to cuddle them the instant you see them since they have such an appealing personality. They love the homely atmosphere and demand a sort of affection from their owners, unlike other cat breeds. When they communicate, their voice is incredibly relaxing to the ears.

They are always looking for a relaxed and comfortable setting and it becomes quite bothersome for them to stay in the absence of a suitable environment. They are a couch-potato, so a little weight management from your side becomes a necessity.

Persian Cat Grooming

The fact is that the Persian are high- maintenance and sensitive breed of cats. They have teary eyes, which leave a mark on their face by the side of the nose which could lead to attracting microorganisms. To tackle this situation, wipe off the tears as soon as they are formed and do not let the stain remain on their face. 

Brushing the thick fur daily is essential to maintain its softness forever and ever. Make sure that you are using the wide-toothed metal brush and not the nylon brush because the latter has the tendency of causing a shock when detangling the hair.

Their fur tends to get greasy, bathing them twice a month can solve the problem. Ensure that you use a good shampoo and conditioner recommended by a vet. Blow drying the fur after bathing is a useful chore.

The following step is to clip the nails once a week. If you’re doing this at home on your own, make sure there are no distractions and that the cat is in a good frame of mind. Since the nails are the most tender region of the body, any cut may result in infection.

Cat Price in India

The price of cats differs depending on the size, gender, and colour. They require veterinary care on a regular basis, as well as other services such as vaccination, food, and grooming. Buying room fresheners, cleaners, and disinfectants should be prioritised for a hygienic space. 

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