By | June 15, 2021

People leave the nation for a variety of reasons, including education, employment, and so on. Even when you are living overseas, unexpected financial expenditures emerge. If you are just visiting another nation for a short time, it may be difficult to get loans in that nation to meet your immediate financial demands. Personal loans offered to non-resident Indians might assist you in covering your immediate personal costs in this situation.

Why do non-resident Indians need a personal loan?

Loan money can be used in many different forms of expenses, such as repayment of a current loan and acquisition of other assets. This money can be made available for meeting these expenses within a short time. Personal loans are intended to provide people with a small loan that can be repaid over a certain period. The loan money can be used for any kind of expenses that arise as a result of changing circumstances.

List of Indian Banks

In the list below, you will find a selection of the top ten banks that offer personal loans to NRIs. A few of these banks have built up outstanding reputations over a long period, while others have been created recently.

  • SBI Bank: SBI is one of the leading lenders for NRIs. You can apply for personal loans with SBI online or through their call center. These personal loans are easily available for overseas Indians working outside their country of birth. The offer by SBI is one of the best-rated banks in the industry.
  • ICICI Bank:It is a major player in the Indian private banking market. NRIs can choose from a variety of loan options offered by the bank. This loan can be used for any type of unexpected financial necessity, such as house renovations, weddings, medical situations, and so on.
  • Punjab National Bank:It is among the top banks for NRIs. According to the bank, they are proud to provide loans to NRIs. NRIs are offered a variety of personal loan options from the bank. They can also take advantage of loan facilities to buy real estate in the UK, buy a house in New Zealand, or even obtain a secured loan.
  • HDFC Bank: The bank has a wide range of tenures for different tenures starting from 3 months to 6 months. The interest rates for the loan vary depending on the term length and the type of the loan.
  • South Indian Bank: South Indian Bank is a well-known private bank that provides a variety of loans to its clients. NRIs can make use of the bank’s loan to meet their immediate financial demands. NRIs can get personal loans from the bank at a low interest rate.
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank: If you are an NRI and want to buy a house or vehicle, then Kotak Mahindra bank is a good lender for you. It offers a range of personal loans to Indian NRI and Overseas Indians. One loan option is Home Loans. Kotak Mahindra bank allows you to get an overdraft facility for a down payment.
  • Bajaj FinServ Ltd:It offers personal loans to NRIs as well. The facility can be availed in denominations of Rs. 10 lakhs, Rs. 25 lakhs, and Rs. 40 lakhs. The facility requires that the primary job role must have been held by an NRI for at least six months.
  • Tata Capital: The Tata Capital Personal Loan Program is a unique program that provides funds for eligible non-resident Indians who wish to pay down debts and repair their credit scores. The program allows borrowers to make monthly payments through their home country.
  • Citibank: Citibank offers one of the highest interest rates on personal loans. If you are applying for a personal loan to pay for any expenses, the lender may ask you to provide proof that you are a resident of the country for the credit line to be extended.
  • Yes Bank: One of the most sought-after loan providers for NRIs, Yes Bank has one of the best personal loans to non-resident Indians (NRIs). Their current loan rates and EMI payment terms are excellent.

It is normal for an NRI living in another country to face unforeseen financial burdens. To avoid financial loss and uncertainty, several people may decide to take a personal loan for a certain period. Personal loans are offered to NRIs to make payments on bills, education costs, medical emergencies, or travel arrangements.

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