regatta discount code

It is not just typical French Days or other Black Friday business operations to do good online business. Good deals can be found all year round. With nearly 82 billion euros in turnover, e-commerce grew by 14% in 2017. 37.5 million US people now buy regularly online .

  1. Use the networks to find good deals on the internet

You don’t feel like or don’t have the time to explore dozens of merchant portals? Let others do it for you. and now have tens of thousands of members who share the tips unearthed on the net . An effective solution, since to motivate them, the site pays them a commission if their proposals are “ liked ” by other users. To be informed, simply subscribe to the mailing lists . What to do very good business by accumulating good plans, like this 30 € refund offer from a merchant site to which is added a 50 € reduction coupon from a brand of capsules to be used on a coffee machine worth 99 €. That is to say a total saving of over 80%.

  1. Find coupon codes on the internet

All online store order forms include a box where you can enter a regatta discount code allowing you to benefit from a reduction . But where to find them? It can also be an exclusivity reserved for the community of a portal, as often on Check the validity period of the codes – generally from a few days to a few weeks, and beyond the promo rate compare the offers: cost of delivery, additional offer, etc.

  1. Play “cash-back”

This practice, which means “ cash back ” consists of paying the consumer part of the amount of their purchases. Offers range from a few cents to several dozen dollars, and the higher offers are usually short-lived. For example, € 20 refunded on your purchases at Yves Rocher for 15 days, € 15 for a night in Accor hotels from December 15 to January 15, € 50 on your Darty bill until December 31, etc. To benefit from it, you must register on a dedicated site, associated with a certain number of partner shops. With 1800 affiliate merchant sites, is the richest. For example, it allows you to earn 5 to 20% of your purchases made at Conforama, up to € 500 in Boulanger stores, € 30 to € 60 in several departments of Galeries Lafayette, etc.

  1. Invite yourself to private sales to take advantage of good deals , , , , , … Gone are the days when you had to be sponsored, or make a first purchase for access a private sales site . Now everyone has free access. More truly private offers, therefore, but which can nevertheless prove to be interesting. Especially since the formula covers all areas, up to travel and DIY equipment. On the product side, these sites mainly offer models from previous years collections. Others, like, also sell their own brands. The discounts can reach 80% , compared to a reference price which the sites must justify the reality. The most interesting sales are only open for a few days, usually less than a week.

  1. Effectively compare prices on the internet

To buy household appliances, electronic equipment or any other consumer product at the best price , subscribing to the alerts of a good comparator makes it possible not to miss any offer. The prices are listed in ascending order, and the brands that pay commissions to the site do not necessarily appear at the top: they are simply highlighted with their logo. You can compare prices “including delivery charges”, and the seller’s stock status is updated several times a day.

Why buying online is profitable, especially now

Today we are forced to adjust to the new reality. She made adjustments to daily life, workflow and business. The fashion industry is no exception.

Stylists conduct broadcasts and master classes on the topic of online shopping. For example, Inna Belova, a popular Instagram practicing stylist and creator of her own brand, shares with her subscribers life hacks of successful purchases on the Internet. And Olga Gvozdeva, editor of Vogue magazine, regularly talks about fashion in self-isolation and online shopping.

The world’s major brands are also excellent examples of solidarity. Gucci and Prada provide their factories for the production of masks and protective clothing. ID magazine keeps its distance and shoots models by facetime, Zara has prepared a fresh lookbook at home. Manolo Blahnik produces branded livery and Dior board games to diversify the leisure time.

But most apparel manufacturers have cut prices for their current collections earlier than usual. The case is unprecedented – you must not miss it.

Why they love online shopping

Online ordering became popular even before the current situation with the coronavirus. There are quite a few advantages, and they speak for themselves.

Cost savings . All the benefits at a glance: there is a separate section for discounts, promotions, special offers in the online store. Agree, it’s much easier to evaluate offers, compare products both within a brand and with other brands. Plus, it’s easier to control impulse purchases at the checkout stage. Many experienced online shoppers admit that it is more difficult to refuse an item at the checkout in a store. Sellers often ask the reason and make a compelling case for the purchase. When shopping online, this problem does not arise. Before paying, you check the order, see the amount and, if necessary, you can remove an extra, unplanned item from the basket or add it to your favorites, postponing it for later.