The province of Manitoba in Canada is best known for its abundant natural resources and agriculture. It is also known as the Gateway to Western Canada. Manitoba is famous for a thriving labour market and its friendly people. The Canadian people in Manitoba live by pluralistic principles and have a long tradition of welcoming immigrants.

If you aspire to immigrate to Manitoba, it would be advisable to look for immigration consultants in Coimbatore and find an approved and regulated immigration consultant to guide you in your application and increase your chances of entering Manitoba as an immigrant.

Skilled immigrants from across the world who are suited for the local job market migrate to the province through the Manitoba Express Entry System. Realizing the benefits of skilled workers to the economy and society, the Manitoba Express Entry PNP program was created to expedite the immigration process. The permanent resident applications processed through Manitoba Express Entry often take less than six months to complete.

Top cities to live in the province of Manitoba

There are numerous cities in the province of Manitoba, Canada, that can suit your requirements. These cities are safe, have a high quality of education, and are economically robust. When you move to Canada through Manitoba PNP, you can select from the following cities to settle in.

  • Selkirk

The city of Selkirk comes among the smallest cities in the province of Manitoba and has a population of just 11000. Much of this city’s economy is driven by tourism and a steel mill. Selkirk has a psychiatric hospital that is also famous among other towns and cities, and it also comes among the biggest employers in the city.

As a permanent resident, you can avail yourself of several amenities. For instance, subsidized healthcare and free public education. Selkirk offers promising careers in the field of psychology. Selkirk’s steel industry is also booming. Currently, the city is undergoing an upsurge of growth with major improvements on the parks and waterfront to enhance its natural beauty.

  • Winkler

The city of Winkler is one of the largest cities in Manitoba and has a total population of 14000. Located in the southern part of Manitoba, it is best known for its retail trading centre serving 17000 households. If you migrate to Winkler through the Manitoba Express Entry system, you will enjoy tremendous opportunities in the healthcare and education sector. You will also have access to subsidized health care and free public education as a permanent resident.

  • Steinbach

The city of Steinbach has a total population of 1600, and it is one of the fastest-growing cities in Manitoba. It is also known as the economic hub of the southern region of Manitoba. Entrepreneur immigration tends to live in Steinbach due to competitive tax benefits and easy access to different markets.

Steinbach’s strong economy is the reason behind the booming employment prospects. As a resident of Steinbach, you will easily find jobs in the manufacturing, processing, and agricultural industries. The city’s unemployment rate is only 5.5%. You can also avail of several recreational facilities, such as sports, arts, and lifestyle activities.

  • Springfield

Springfield was developed in 1873, and it is now Manitoba’s oldest and largest city encompassing both urban development and rural residential. The main driver of the economy in Springfield is the farm industry. If you want to settle in Springfield through the Manitoba Express Entry program, be prepared to embrace the quiet rural life.

It is also one of the inexpensive cities in Manitoba. A two-bedroom apartment can cost you $1130 per month. If you are an experienced farmer, then it is the perfect place to settle with your family.

  • Brandon

With a total population of around 50000, the city of Brandon is among the popular cities in Manitoba. Much of its popularity stems from the fact that it is a friendly community and has a low crime rate. Its diversified economy has maintained the unemployment rate below 5%. You can easily find employment as Brandon’s economy is driven based on various sectors.

If you immigrate to Brandon through the Manitoba Express Entry program, you will have access to quality infrastructures like free public education and subsidized health care.

  • Hanover

The city of Hanover is located in the southeastern region of Manitoba. It is adjacent to the city of Steinbach and has a growing population of approximately 15000. Every year, skilled foreign workers come to Hanover through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP), owing to its population growth.

The rise in population can be attributed to better living standards, employment opportunities, and safety. An individual can earn an average income of $92,870 per annum. Since the unemployment rate stands at 5.4%, finding employment is as easy as it can get. Furthermore, owning property in Hanover is also affordable because of the low property tax rate of 2% of an individual’s income.


So, if you are planning to immigrate to Manitoba through the Manitoba PNP, a golden piece of advice would be to go through immigration consultants in Coimbatore as they are regulated and approved by the Government of Canada to guide you in your application process.

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