Class 12th Economics syllabus

The most preferred and easiest subject in class 12th commerce stream is the economics subject, loved by most students. But also, some of the students find it challenging to understand and leave it for the last months to study during the exams. However, it is a theory subject, but you need to learn each topic on time. Hence, you should not miss the class 12th economics syllabus for timely completion and better learning and start completing the subject from the beginning with VSI Jaipur institute.

The economics subject is the plus point for your class 12th results, as it is easy to score 90+ in this subject. But this will only be possible if you start studying from the suitable study material and plan the proper strategy for completing the class 12th economics syllabus NCERT before exams.

However, we are not creating the false hope, but we have also seen the students scoring it. For example, Rajat Jain and Rohan Tiwari, students of VSI Jaipur, scored 95% marks in the CBSE class 12 eco syllabus exam.

Here, in this article will learn about the overview of the class 12th economics syllabus and how to make your study plan of economics syllabus with VSI Jaipur. The VSI Jaipur is the best and leading institute for the students of the commerce field. And, also if you are planning to pursue CA professional course after class 12th, then the VSI Jaipur is the elite institute to start your career preparation with the CA profession.

class 12th economics syllabus at VSI Jaipur
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Alt text: class 12th economics syllabus at VSI Jaipur

Study CBSE Class 12 Economics Syllabus with VSI Jaipur

All the pdf study material of the CBSE class 12th economics syllabus is widely available at the VSI Jaipur website. Here is the download link of the updated syllabus of class 12th economics syllabus, and you can also download all the pdf of study material from the official website. With this, you can also find the CBSE sample papers and questions sets for old exam patterns.

Moreover, the most crucial part you forget while learning is studying the economics subject properly. Some students face difficulty understanding the concepts of economics subjects, while some have challenging task to write answers for the case study questions.

Are you also having these types of issues, then you must be lacking somewhere while studying. If so, the first thing you have to do is visit the official website of VSI Jaipur, where you get the learning tips and hacks.

However, with VSI Jaipur, you will get the best learning experience and full motivation towards your studies and career. And also, VSI Jaipur helps you learn the economics subject by rendering the best tips with time balance.

Outline of CBSE Class 12 Economics Syllabus With Marks and Periods

Unit/Chapter Marks Periods
Part A (Introductory Macroeconomics)
National Income and Related Aggregates 10 23
Balance of Payments 6 7
Government Budget and the Economy 6 15
Money and Banking 6 8
Determination of Income and Employment 12 22
Part B (Indian Economic Development)
Development Experience of India – A Comparison with Neighbors 6 12
Development Experience (1947-90) and Economic Reforms since 1991 12 28
Current Challenges facing Indian Economy 22 35
Total of Theory Paper 80 150
Project Work 20 20
Grand Total 100 220

Study Plan for CBSE Class 12 Economics Syllabus

For timely completion of your CBSE 12th economics syllabus with full efficiency and effectiveness, here are some points which need to be followed by everyone without wasting time anymore-

  1. Select what to concentrate on first

Select the chapters to be easy and preferred by you the most, but don’t change the pattern of parts A and B. In fact, VSI Jaipur recommends you to start from part A and then move to part B.

2. Allocate timings for the economics syllabus

Everyone should make a timetable for each subject of class 12th subjects, as there are 5 subjects to study and students need to manage the time accordingly. However, economics subject is found more straightforward than all the other subjects like maths and accountancy, etc. But the students should not keep it for the last moment of exams, so start studying it in small portions daily. Divide the time for each subject as per your capabilities.

3. Revision of the chapters

Now the essential point is the revision part, whether you are revising the chapters or not. If you are not revising the chapters, then your whole month preparation will be wasted. So for avoiding this situation, you need to revise regularly.

4. Sort of Queries from sample papers

For sample papers of the CBSE class 12th economics syllabus, you must visit the VSI Jaipur website as CBSE has updated the exam pattern with the latest modifications. CBSE has made some changes in 1 mark questions, which has increased the number of overall questions. Moreover, CBSE has also started the case study-based questions, so practice these questions from sample papers because it is not available in NCERT.

CBSE has Deleted some Topics of Class 12th Economics Syllabus

The CBSE has reduced the 30% of portion for the economic subject. And also, the topics of deleted syllabus of economics for class 12th are the following-

  • Money and Banking: Margin requirement, Control of Credit through Bank Rate, Repo Rate, SLR, CRR, Open Market Operations, and Reverse Repo Rate
  • Current challenges facing Indian Economy: The education sector growth in India, organic farming-alternative farming
  • Balance of Payments: In the free market, the exchange rate determination, the balance of payments, deficit meaning
  • Infrastructure: Energy

Endnote of the Blog

At last, we conclude that for proficiency in class 12th economics syllabus, VSI Jaipur is the only one who can make it simpler and most manageable to study an economic subject for you. So don’t wait for the last months of examinations and start learning from today onwards with VSI Jaipur Institute.

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