liquid detergent

Washing clothes has become a smart task in recent years because technology has jumped in the related field to act as a saviour for the users. There are days when a big pile of dirty clothes can scare you. And more so, if you have to hand wash them. But the respite comes from the thought that thankfully we live in the age of technology and are equipped with cleaning agents that act fast to clean the mess from the clothes. Different types of detergent are easily available in the market. But the buzz created by liquid detergents is hard to ignore. It is not a very simple task to find the best liquid detergent because competition has seeped in every industry and choices are wide.

Hence, the buyers are somewhat confused when they go shopping online or offline. Moreover, the deals and discounts offered by the manufacturing companies and e-commerce carriers are so attractive and tempting that it is easy to get lured by their promotional strategy. But if you are well-informed about the products, you will hardly make the wrong choice.

So, the article is a great read for the buyers who want to buy the best liquid detergent whether it is for hand washing or machine washing the clothes. The goal is that the clothes should be clean and sparkling after the wash.

Here are a couple of reasons that make liquid detergents more desirable than powder detergents:

Liquid detergents can easily help to lift the stains of grease in clothes. These cleaning agents are the best choice for everyday wearing clothes that are exposed in the kitchen during cooking or for people who attract car grease on their garments. The liquid detergent is formulated with alcohol ethoxylates that help to get rid of the grease stains in clothing.

  • Pretreatment of stains

If you have heavily soiled clothes that you know the washing machine will be unable to clean, then pour a small quantity of the liquid directly on the stain and use a brush to get rid of the stain before throwing the garment in the machine for the wash cycle. This is the pretreatment of the stain that you can give to the stained garments. Liquid detergents serve as a great cleaning agent to directly treat the stained area. Unlike powder detergents that require mixing the contents with water to make a paste and then apply in the stained area, the liquid detergent is a directly applicable agent.

  • Liquid detergents are convenient to use

Naturally, it is much easier to carry the container of a liquid detergent. The user can easily carry it from one place to another and directly use it from the container without any premixing required. Moreover, the presence of measuring cups along with the pack allows the user to monitor the use of the product efficiently. The handles of the containers make them easy to carry anywhere.

  • No Residue on clothes

One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of liquid detergents over powder ones is that the former does not leave any residue on the clothes. This is because it produces less suds than the powder detergents and hence no residue is seen on the clothes. It is a known fact that the more conveniently the detergent mixes with water, the higher are the chances to produce cleaner clothes after washing. Since liquid detergents easily dissolve in water, it leaves no residue and produces the desired results.

  • Safe for washing machine

The undissolved powder can get stuck to the washer and lower the efficiency of the machine; it can also clog the washer of the machine and cause hindrance in the output of water. Hence, liquid detergents are a clear winner in this regard. Neither does it leave any residue on the clothes and nor does it impact the efficiency of the washing machine. The logic is again simple. Liquid detergents easily mix in the water and hence do not clog the water pipes of the machines. Thus the appliances are safe and acquire longevity.

  • Fragrance

This is another parameter where liquid detergents win against powder detergents. The soothing fragrance of the liquid detergent is transferred to the clothes and the latter come out smelling good after the wash cycle.

  • Treats your hands with care

The presence of irritant chemicals in liquid detergents is far lesser than the powder ones. Hence, these act gently in the hands of the users. So, ladies who use the liquid detergent to wash clothes with their hands will find that the softness of their hands is maintained.

  • Good for environment

Liquid detergents have low phosphate and hence do not cause hazardous residue in the environment. If you do not have the problem of hard water in your area, then liquid detergents should be your choice.

Liquid detergents are good for washing machines because they produce fewer suds and the clothes clear off the foam super fast because machines use less water to complete the wash cycle. Hence, the detergents that have low foam formation are considered ideal for washing machines.

One of the major downsides of a liquid detergent is the expense of the product. Liquid detergents are more expensive than powder ones. Hence, the users have to bear the extra expense if they want to enjoy the other benefits of the best liquid detergent.

Take away

It is a personal choice to buy any product because factors like budget and requirement are not the same for everyone. But being aware of the pros and cons of the products help in making the right decision. Now, since you know the facts in a good number about the pros of liquid detergents, then you are in a position to make the right choice. Finally, there are a plethora of products in the market. An important tip that you can always save while buying online is to read the reviews of the buyers so that you buy the best liquid detergent.