Here’s How the Bajaj Finance FD Interest Calculator Helps You Online

Inflation is set to rise even higher in the future and the market conditions have not been stabilized yet. Therefore, even though market-linked instruments tempt you due to the higher return rate, it is wiser to maintain a diverse investment portfolio by investing in stable investment options like FDs. Among the financiers who are providing higher FD rates, Bajaj Finance seems to be the most relevant in today’s context due to the wide range of options and features it provides. One of the most impressive tools offered by Bajaj Finance is its FD interest calculator. An FD calculator is an online tool that lets you calculate the FD interest and maturity value on your own. Here are few other ways in which it might help you:

fixed deposit

Indispensable planner 

Though it seems to be a simple calculator that returns values based on the inputs given by you, it can prove to be a wise tool if you use it smartly. The FD interest rates calculator lets you pick the tenor, amount, and FD type of your choice. Therefore, if you explore all the possible combinations and check how it impacts your returns, you would be able to use it to make your financial plans better. 

Exact prediction of returns 

As the FD calculator provides the exact prediction of returns, you can use it to determine whether a particular FD plan is good enough to satisfy your financial requirements. 

Bajaj Finance FD calculator provides a clear distinction between the cumulative and non-cumulative plans for the same set of values i.e. amount and tenor. Therefore, you can also use it to determine the FD type that suits you the most. 

Resolves your queries 

If you have any query about the Bajaj Finance FD plans or any other query then the FD calculator can come to your rescue. For example, if a senior citizen needs some amount to take care of these regular expenses then the FD calculator will tell him the exact amount and tenor that he must pick to generate the required interest payouts via a non-cumulative FD. 

Similarly, you can use it as a tool to plan your finances post-retirement as well. The other benefits of investing in Bajaj Finance FD plans are mentioned below:

Grows your deposits at a good pace 

The higher FD interest rate of up to 7.25% offered by Bajaj Finance FD plans enables you to grow your deposits at a good pace. With its FD plans, you can start investing in a fixed deposit with just Rs. 25,000. 

  • Loan against deposits 

During a financial crisis, you can avail of a loan against your FDs without providing any other collateral. You can even withdraw your deposits early by paying a nominal fee as a penalty. Therefore, it can be considered as an investment avenue that provides plenty of liquidity options. 

  • FDs for NRIs 

Even NRIs can benefit from the high-interest rate and flexible tenor options by investing in a Bajaj Finance FD. For that, they only need to open an NRO account and the option of selecting a tenor between 12 and 36 months applies to them. 

An interest rate of up to 7% and other lucrative options make it a great investment option for NRIs as well. These FDs of Bajaj Finance have been accredited highly by ICRA and CRISIL that are the most reputed credit rating organizations in India. This means that your deposits are in safe hands when they are parked in any of the FD plans of Bajaj Finance. Moreover, a 0.25% extra FD rate is provided to senior citizens. Also, your money will grow at a 0.10% higher rate if you invest in its FD plans by using the online FD form. Therefore, explore the FD plans from Bajaj Finance today and find a plan that contributes significantly towards your goal of accumulating a big corpus till retirement.

A fixed deposit plan might help you to balance your investment portfolio especially in today’s times when the market is highly volatile. Bajaj Finance is offering a high-paying FD scheme that accelerates your savings at 7.25%. Its FD calculator is one of the best online tools that you can use to plan your finances as it is braided with convenient and user-friendly options.

Now, even NRIs can invest in a Bajaj Finance FD and get interest rates of up to 7%. An FD calculator will let you find a suitable FD plan for you be it a tax-saving fixed deposit, cumulative, non-cumulative, or any other type of FD plan. Investing in Bajaj Finance FD is also good because it is safe as per the credit ratings given to it by CRISIL and ICRA.

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