Here are the Best Digital Personal Loan Lending Apps

Getting a personal loan is super easy now as many instant personal loan apps are available in the market. One of the best features of these online loan apps is the swift disbursement of funds. These apps provide a paperless application saving both time and efforts of a customer. You only need to have a mobile phone to avail of a loan to satisfy your financial needs.

You can get a personal loan without any collateral or any previous credit history and fulfill your short time credit demand. You need to have your KYC documents available and get an instant approval for your application. Below here are the best digital personal loan lending apps:

  • Fullerton India Instaloan 

Suppose you are a salaried professional and need a personal loan up to INR 25 lakhs at reasonable and competitive interest rates starting from 11.99% to 36%. In that case, download the Fullerton instaloan app it is the best option. As of now, Fullerton only gives loans to salaried applicants. Loan eligibility is calculated by taking in many factors like credit score, FIOR, number of credit cards, and Your monthly salary. These loans can be repaid flexibly, ranging from 12 to 60 months. It would help if you had a disposable income that is 40% of your net monthly income. After completing KYC, the loan agreement is signed and approved, and within 24 hours, it is disbursed to your account. 

  • Anytime loan 

If you don’t have a fixed salary and wish to avail of a short-term personal loan, you can go for the Anytime loan instant loan app. The amount ranges from as low as 1000 INR to 1000000 INR. The application process is straightforward and consumer-friendly. You have to download the app from the play store and follow the steps. There is no need to have any guarantor or collateral. Anytime loans provide loans for various needs like education, medical emergencies, business needs, and personal loans. 

  • Rupeelend 

This digital finance company provides short-term loans to both personal and business needs. Rupeelend, ensure that you apply through a swift three-minute application process and get an instant decision. You can apply for a maximum amount of INR 1 lakh, and the loan period ranges from 61 to 90 days. You have the liberty to choose a repayment plan at your convenience. The best thing about these apps is no processing fees and no foreclosure or prepayment fees as well. 

  • Money view 

Money view is one of the best instant online apps available in the market. You have to download the app and upload your required documents, and within a short time, you can decide on the application. You can borrow a minimum amount of 25000 to 200000 and repay the loan within 3 to 12 months. 

  • Kreditbee 

This Instant loan app is specifically designed for individuals with a fixed monthly salary and need emergency credit without any collateral. You can apply for a personal loan of up to two lakhs and transfer the amount into your account—three types of loans: Kreditbee, Flexi personal loan, personal loan, and online purchase loan. You only need to have a PAN card and AADHAR card to complete your KYC process and get approval within ten minutes. The loan repayment tenure is very flexible, ranging from sixty-two days to fifteen months. 

  • Dhani 

Dhani’s loan app covers all of your health care and finance needs. You are provided with several other options in addition to a personal loan like immediate doctor consultation, Demat, trading/stockbroking. The loan amount ranges from 2500 INR to 1 lakh INR. The loan repayment tenure is flexible as well as budget-friendly. 

  • Money View Loans 

This personal loan app provides loans starting from ten thousand INR to five lakh rupees. You can apply for a personal loan by just downloading the app and going through a swift application process. You also get SMS alerts so that you avoid default payment. The interest rate starts from as low as 1.33% per month. And you can repay the loan in flexible EMIs with six months to sixty months. 



Hence, as you all know that there are a variety of personal loan apps available on the play store. Choosing which loan app is best for you is up to your responsibility. Choose according to your needs.

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